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Yo form of traer
Yo form of traer

Yo form of traer

Download Yo form of traer

Download Yo form of traer

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Jump to Conjugation - Conjugation[edit]. [show ?] Conjugation of traer (See Appendix:Spanish verbs). infinitive, traer. gerund, trayendo. past participleWe always start with the first person singular "Yo" form of the verb: hablo; Now drop For example, Traer; the present tense "Yo" form is Traigo; We drop the "o"

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Verb conjugation: traer conjugation in Spanish, free verb conjugator, conjugation (yo) traigo (tu) traes (el) trae (nosotros) traemos (vosotros) traeis (ellos) traen Indicative - the simple forms. Present, Future, Imperfect, Preterite, Conditional. yo, traigo, traere, traia, traje, traeria. tu, traes, traeras, traias, trajiste, traerias. How to conjugate the Spanish verb "traer" and related verbs such as Present indicative (presente del indicativo): yo traigo, tu traes, usted/el/ella trae,

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Conjugate Traer in every Spanish verb tense including preterite, imperfect, future, Conjugation nosotros, traemos, trajimos, traiamos, traeriamos, traeremos. Furthermore, these changes occur in all of the conjugations (including the nosotros form.) These Irregular preterite changes are NOT for orthographic (spelling) Full verb conjugation table for traer along with example sentences and printable ingles, yo, tu, el/ella/usted, nosotros/-as, vosotros/-as, ellos/ellas/ustedes caber (to fit): yo quepo; caer (to fall): yo caigo; conducir (to drive): yo For verbs that end in -cer and -cir, change the c to zc for the yo form: traer (to bring) yo In the present tense, traer (trah-ehr) (to bring) has an irregular yo form, but otherwise it conjugates like a regular -er verb. Here's the present tense conjugation:

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